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Janes Family Foods: Statement of Commitment on Healthy Active Living

FCPC (Food and Consumer Products of Canada) members share a vision of a healthy Canada. We are committed to demonstrating leadership in helping Canadians embrace a healthy active lifestyle based on the tenets of moderation, balance and activity. We work with industry partners, government, non-government organizations and other civil society organizations committed to this purpose.

FCPC members’ commitment to promoting the health of Canadians is multi-faceted and is manifested through their

  • Wide selection of products
  • Consumer education initiatives
  • Responsible marketing/advertising practices and
  • Support of workplace and community healthy active living initiatives.

I. Products
Choice, Innovation and Selection
FCPC members are committed to staying informed on the science related to the food supply, food components, nutrients and consumer health and to taking appropriate action. Currently they are

  • Reducing hydrogenated oils in the food supply to help consumers limit consumption of trans fats
  • Increasing the range of products with reduced levels of calories, sugar, fat, and salt in line with current guidelines on healthy eating and
  • Providing portion size options, such as single serve packages and child-size portions, in line with the varied needs of consumers.

In addition, we continue to be committed to

  • Responsible addition of vitamins and minerals to create nutritionally beneficial product choices and
  • Working with government to ensure industry’s ability to develop innovative products in line with evolving scientific understanding of the role of food components and nutrients in health.

Informed Consumers
FCPC members are committed to providing nutrition information and educating consumers about healthy eating so they can make informed choices. In line with Health Canada’s regulations, food companies are providing full nutritional information on the nutrient and energy content of packaged foods.
Beyond government regulations, industry members are committed to helping consumers make informed decisions by

  • Providing additional science-based nutrition information through positive-choice labeling programs on food packages and through call centers and websites
  • Supporting point of purchase programs designed to help Canadians make informed choices in the marketplace
  • Where feasible, offering supplementary serving size information for multi-serving packaging (e.g. serving per food item, serving per food package) and
  • Working with government to enhance industry’s ability to communicate to consumers science-based nutritional benefits of foods through health claims and other means.

II. Responsible Advertising and Marketing Practices
FCPC members are committed to advertising and marketing products in a responsible way. This commitment is expressed through

  • Using marketing vehicles to communicate the healthy active living message of moderation, balance and activity
  • Responsible advertising to children through self-regulation and adherence to government regulations including
    • Canadian Code of Advertising Standards
    • Broadcast Code of Advertising to Children and
  • Participating in/supporting media literacy programs for children, such as Long Live Kids, which provide social marketing messaging and education on healthy active living.

III. Promoting Healthy Active Living in the Workplace and Community
FCPC members are committed to playing a positive role in community development by providing and/or supporting initiatives that promote healthy active living in the workplace and community. Through sponsorships, partnerships and/or philanthropic contributions, food and beverage companies support healthy active living education initiatives in the workplace and the community.